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Collection of the product in the plant and in storage.

Storage of bulk products for industry, urban water treatment (WWTP) and drinking water (ETAP)

The storage silos and hoppers that COMES manufactures are built in a modular way to facilitate transport and assembly.

There are three types of storage silos and hoppers: cylindrical, square and rectangular.

The emptying of storage silos and hoppers may take place in any of the following ways:

A) Gravity.

B) Forced emptying by screw conveyor.


  • Storage of sludge and waste in urban or industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • Storage of viscous and sticky products.
  • Storage of solid products in general.


  • Highly efficient.
  • Simple operation system which is very low maintenance.
  • High storage capacities that are not too high.
  • May be completely dismantled.

forced discharge by augers
by gravity