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TEF conveyors by COMES are specially constructed with a shaftless spiral, and are generally used to lift sticky and viscous products.

Shaftless spiral screw conveyors are the ideal solution for transporting solids that are difficult to transport. They differ from the classic conveyors in that:

  1. They consist of a spiral without a shaft, are robust, and have plate thicknesses that can range from IO to 35 millimetres.
  2. Since they do not have a central shaft, they can transport materials of varying sizes, as well as products that tend to stick together.
  3. They do not require bearings or intermediate bearings, with the result that the structure is more efficient and easier to maintain.
  4. They can work at low speeds with the same transport capacity as conventional ones.

The shaftless screw conveyor is very suitable for the transport of:

  • Wet, muddy and sticky materials.
  • Fibrous or interwoven products.
  • Materials that bend or are irregular in shape.
  • Materials that need to be transported under hygienic conditions.

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