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    60 years. global solutions for a variety of sectors (agriculture, food, biomass, recycling, chemical, mining, environmental, etc).

    Our Technical Department works on the improvement and constant innovation of the equipment we manufacture, also collaborating in the design and advisory of the projects and needs of our clients.

    We also offer a cutting and folding service.


    • 10.000m² Buildings (8 industrial buildings)
    • 50.000m² Land.
  • Brief History

    HISTORY (Our tradition)

    • The 50s Our company was set up in a small, local workshop, repairing and building agricultural machinery.
    • The 70s The family's entrepreneurial spirit, together with the agricultural and industrial needs of the national market, led to the creation of this pioneering company in the field of the manufacture of screw conveyors.
    • The 80s A new department was created within the company with an R & D Department, for designing equipment and developing new products. It was at this time that the company began producing machinery.
    • The 90s During the nineties, we specialised in machinery for agricultural cooperatives, oil mills, composting plants and water treatment plants, as well as their by-products such as sludge drying and urban waste.
    • The 2000s In 2005, a department was created for high precision parts cutting, in the field of subcontracting.
  • What makes us different


      Qualified staff with several years' technical experience. Assemblers who provide a high level of customer service.
      A comprehensive manufacturing process that includes almost all the components for the equipment that we produce (augers, spirals, channels, laser cutting, mechanisation, painting and assembly).
      End-to-end manufacturing from the sheet metal to the finished product.
      As manufacturers, we have the flexibility to adapt to different materials and measurements in accordance with the needs of our customers, meaning that we are not restricted to the catalogue.
      We provide solutions to technical problems regardless of the manufacturer, although in most cases this involves replacing the machinery.
      Our company has a customer advice service that can recommend machinery to you, advise you on any weaknesses in your project, etc. As a result of this service, our customers speak very highly of us. It is one of the key reasons why COMES continues to attract new clients.
      We have our own vehicles, with pre-established routes, for the benefit of our clients. This enables us to schedule regular trips. We have several warehouses, enabling the speedy delivery of standard materials.
      Our facilities comprise 10.000m² of buildings + 50.000m² of additional land. We also have facilities that are suitable for product testing, meaning that we can invite our clients for a preview of how the machinery works before they place an order.
    7. DIVERSIFICATION into a variety of industrial sectors:
      Our references come from a variety of sectors. COMES is a specialist in a large number of sectors, meaning that we are able to offer a high level of customer service.
      Reputation, brand image, reliability, experience, etc.
      We design machinery that can be completely dismantled, making it easy to replace components when necessary through natural wear and tear.
      We offer a guarantee of 30 months, so our clients can have full confidence in us.
  • Our company, COMES, SA is committed to upholding and applying the Quality and Environmental Policy, in accordance with the following principles:

    1.- Our main objective at COMES, SA is continuous improvement in all areas and on all activities, to enable us to provide products that meet our clients' needs. We also ensure that we adhere to the relevant legal and regulatory requirements in all our business and manufacturing activity. In addition, COMES, SA is committed to introducing economically viable measures that will allow us to work without harming the environment, putting in place plans to prevent and reduce pollution and minimize the generation of waste, while aiming to conserve natural and energy resources.

    2.- To establish a system ensuring compliance with the objectives set by the company, to ensure both the highest levels of customer satisfaction and compliance with the company's Quality and Environmental Management System for the following activities:

    • Machine laser cutting and folding of metallic products.
    • Design, manufacture and assembly of machinery for the transport, lifting, compacting, separation and storage of bulk products.
    • Manufacture of screw threads, spirals and springs.

    3.- The management of COMES, SA is committed to ensuring the availability of the human, technical and material resources necessary for compliance with this policy.

    4.- To train and support our employees with the aim of providing quality products and services to all our customers, promoting respect for the environment, as well as to communicate and encourage responsibility at all levels of the organisation with regard to quality and environmental issues, through training programmes and the provision of relevant information to our staff.

    5.- To establish, develop and maintain a working environment that promotes the continuous improvement of our processes, striving for maximum efficiency and effectiveness with the participation of all staff in the organisation.

    6.- To communicate and ensure an understanding of our mission, vision, values ​​and objectives at all levels of the organisation, as well as of the processes and responsibilities that relate to quality and the environment.

    7.- To ensure the maintenance of the quality and environmental management system, by conducting periodic audits that guarantee the effectiveness of the system in complying with this policy and objectives, as well as its adaptation to unforeseen circumstances or new regulations and legal requirements.

    8.- To achieve these objectives, the Management of COMES, SA uses a Management System based on the model in the standard ISO 9001: 2015, which is applicable to all areas of the company that are concerned with quality.

    9.- The Quality and Environment Policy is available on request.

    The policy is periodically revised in accordance with the aims of the organisation.

    Camarles, 27 June 2017
    Agustí Comes Pons / Emilio Comes Forastero
    Management of COMES, SA


    • To meet the needs of our customers through the products and services that we offer.
    • To be at the forefront of the national market as a manufacturer of screw threads, screw conveyors and springs, and as a designer and manufacturer of machinery for the transport, transfer, compacting, separation and storage of bulk products.
    • To increase our presence in foreign markets.
    • To differentiate ourselves from our competitors in terms of quality, flexibility and our after-sales service. To achieve this, we strive for excellence in our "cutting", "threads" and "machinery" sections.
    • To encourage development, training and a work-life balance for our employees, fostering a good working environment and equal opportunities.


    • People: Providing a pleasant working environment in which people feel inspired to give the best of themselves on a daily basis.
    • Cutting Section: To provide a flexible laser cutting service that meets our customers' wishes and needs.
    • Machinery Section: To design, manufacture and offer customized machinery and metal structures, in accordance with our customers' needs, and to offer advice based on our experience.
    • Thread Section: To manufacture and offer a varied portfolio of quality products that anticipate and meet our customers' wishes and needs.
    • Partners: To develop a working network to create lasting value for all partners.
    • Benefit: To maximise performance for our partners while taking into account the general responsibilities of the company.
    • Productivity: To be an effective, dynamic organisation.


    • Leadership: Striving to create a better future.
    • Collaboration: Empowering collective talent.
    • Integrity: Transparency.
    • Accountability: Conducting our business responsibly.
    • Passion: To be committed in our hearts and our minds.
    • Diversity: Offering a wide range of products.
    • Quality: Striving for excellence.
    • Innovation.
    • Customer-oriented.
    • Development of our team.
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