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Our after-sales service is fast and efficient. Simply tell us the Machine number and we will let you know which parts and measurements you need for the maintenance of your equipment or machine.

COMES, as a manufacturer of conveyors and machinery, stocks spare parts for all of its standard equipment.

  • Screw conveyors.
  • Shaftless screw conveyors.
    • The reinforced shaftless screw conveyor is also known as a shaftless auger or Archimedes screw. It is used for the treatment of solid waste, and in industry in general.
  • Flexible spirals or spirals mounted on the tube.
  • High density polyethylene sliding channel (bed or equipment sliding bed).
  • Motor reducers.

For motor-reducers and specialist materials, we recommend buying a spare part when purchasing the equipment, for more efficient maintenance.
We offer technical advice, solving any possible problems that may arise while the equipment is in use.

We have a database that includes plans, component prices etc., to assist our customers when replacing worn parts.
We deal with all complaints within 24 hours.

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