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  • The sludge conveyor, also known as a slurry conveyor, or screw conveyor for solid wasteis used for the transport of all kinds of wet, muddy, sticky materials, fibrous or intertwined products, unusual materials, materials that must be transported under hygienic conditions, etc.
  • The sludge (or solid waste) conveyor with shaftless spiralis an ideal alternative to conveyor belts, as it is a closed and hygienic transport system that also prevents odours when transporting foul-smelling waste.
  • Another advantage of the sludge conveyor, when compared with conveyor belts, is that it can transfer the sludge or solid waste (or other products) at different inclinations.
  • Sludge conveyors are designed to transfer sludge at an inclination of 90º.

4 helical conveyor
5 helical conveyor
6 helical conveyor