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El helical conveyor transports any product in bulk and are used in all industrial sectors.
The key to success is knowing how to choose the helical auger, also called worm or worm thread.
Comes SA is a manufacturer of augers and machinery.

The range of augers manufactured by Comes SA, ranges from:

  • Standard auger with inner shaft tube:
    • LIGHT thread
    • STAINLESS thread
    • REINFORCED thread
  • Coreless Helical Screw o wormless shaft (also called Archimedean endless)
  • Any endless mounted on turns, managing to manufacture up to 4.000mm outer diameters, and thicknesses of up to 60mm.

7 helical conveyor
8 helical conveyor
9 helical conveyor

  • Tubular conveyor

    Mecano conveyor